class pagoda.physics.Sphere(name, world, density=1000.0, mass=None, **shape)[source]
__init__(name, world, density=1000.0, mass=None, **shape)


__init__(name, world[, density, mass])
add_force(force[, relative, position, ...]) Add a force to this body.
add_torque(torque[, relative]) Add a torque to this body.
body_to_world(position) Convert a body-relative offset to world coordinates.
connect_to(joint, other_body[, offset, ...]) Move another body next to this one and join them together.
init_mass(m, density, mass)
join_to(joint[, other_body]) Connect this body to another one using a joint.
relative_offset_to_world(offset) Convert a relative body offset to world coordinates.
rotate_to_body(x) Rotate the given vector to the same orientation as this body.
world_to_body(position) Convert a point in world coordinates to a body-relative offset.


angular_velocity Current angular velocity of this body (in world coordinates).
follows_gravity True iff this body follows gravity.
force Current net force acting on this body (in world coordinates).
is_kinematic True iff this body is kinematic.
linear_velocity Current linear velocity of this body (in world coordinates).
mass The ODE mass object for this body.
position The (x, y, z) coordinates of the center of this body.
quaternion The (w, x, y, z) rotation quaternion for this body.
rotation The rotation matrix for this body.
state The state of this body includes:
torque Current net torque acting on this body (in world coordinates).